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Magpu is a Dallas, TX area band that plays original, eclectic, progressive music. Influences include King Crimson, Phish, Frank Zappa, Rush, Ozric Tentacles, MMW, Disco Biscuits, and many others.

Magpu tunes have little or no vocals, and are hazardous to your ego if dancing is attempted. It is music aimed squarely at the brain, not the butt (although detours through the spleen and large intestine occasionally take place.)

Brian, Kyle, and Kurt had been playing together since mid 1997 with other drummers, but Magpu proper formed in January 1998 when Brian responded to an ad placed by Terry seeking other musicians to make “recreational” music. Cliff began playing with the group in October 1999. Trey Douglass joined on bass in Fall 2002 for a couple final gigs after Kyle moved out of the area.

Magpu’s idea of “recreation” is sweating to death in a small bedroom while arguing over what time signature or key a given song is in.

Magpu has gigged in Texas at such clubs as “The Redblood Club”, “Club Dada”, “Trees”, “The Home Bar”, “The Vibe”, “Last Concert Cafe”, and “Poor David’s Pub”.

Magpu welcomes audience taping of their live shows. Brian’s mic rig and DAT are at all the shows, so feel free to bring a deck and cables and patch out. Our official taping policy statement can be found here.