Project Pu, the first official CD release from Magpu, is now available! This hour-long CD is derived from two days of completely improvised jamming in October 1999, expertly mixed and edited by Terry McIntyre. Various extra goodies and studio wizardry are woven in between the jam segments, resulting in an uninterrupted sonic experience.

The full band tracks were recorded in October 1999 at the Remote Rok and Roll Research Laboratory. This music was created without any specific plan or structure; we just started recording and played whatever occurred to us at the moment. The best excerpts were then selected and assembled.

The extra goodies include altered but lucid radio interference, a loopy collage, malfunctioning synthesizers, and an ambient track created by Kurt and our friend Erich Schriefer.

It’ll take you places.

For information about ordering a copy, send e-mail to

Project Pu track listing, including links to audio files:

  1. The Reverend Ben Wah’s Sermon Through The Nanoverb: Introduction
  2. “We Almost Succeeded In Succinctness, There…”
  3. The DJ Pu Dance Re-mix
  4. Asleep At The Wheel On The H.T. Evilchicken Expressway
  5. Chipmunk Menage A Trois
  6. Ritual Death March Of The Volunteer Fire Ant Brigade
  7. Prophetic Groove mp3 ogg vorbis
  8. Astral Vibrations
  9. Ring Modulate This, Baby!
  10. Poly and Claude’s Arena Moogball
  11. Dysfunction At The Wah Family Reunion
  12. The End That Never Ends
  13. The Reverend Ben Wah’s Sermon Through The Nanoverb: Conclusion

Project Pu lineup:

  • Brian Cox: Guitar
  • Kyle Grundmann: Bass
  • Kurt Kistler: Keyboards
  • Cliff McCarthy: MalletKAT
  • Terry McIntyre: Drums


  • Erich Schriefer: Guitar and Effects on track 8