Cliff’s notes:

I’m not sure if I was at this show. I think maybe I wasn’t.

Intro: “We are Mag-Pus.” Jokes about being infectious and abcessive. Ba-dump, crash.

Lots of Tweezer spread throughout this show. “back of the worm” in the first Ebeneezer breakdown.

During the first sequence of songs, Terry’s snare broke (not sure how), and a rat was seen in one of the monitors. The comment, “Just bite its head off” lead to a spontaneous rendition of Iron Man.

This show includes the first performance of Burrito Transplant Surgery, introduced as the sequel to Magpu’s other hit, Everything Here is Rather Large. They’re from the “Cantos del Gaso” suite.

More “back of the worm” references during the 2112 intro.

The last Tweezer leads into a very long and exploratory jam. Kyle teases Biscuit Willie near the beginning, but it never materializes. A free section near the beginning features the standard disappearing moon / semper fi references. Hmm, I think I hear myself responding “yeah” when Kurt asks whether the rat will sign the mailing list, so maybe I was at this show after all. And one more “back of the worm” reference for good measure. Whoever was running sound started adding some nice trippy echo to the vocals. The jam evolves into a very unique and experimental direction as it progresses. Eventually, it takes on a Harold the Chicken vibe.

Terry requests one more real song. He suggests an “Endless Freighd”. Brian suggests NINE, Kyle says no. So we ultimately get Delete This, Baby.

On the whole, a very jammed-out and engaging show.

Post-show, I’m pretty sure I hear me there.