Cliff says:

This was an amazing night. The line-up was Spoonfed Tribe, Magpu, and Walter Mitty. I had never heard either of the other two bands. Spoonfed came out and blew everybody’s mind. Their stage show was very elaborate, with crazy paint-splattered jumpsuits and a giant smoke ring cannon shooting out over the audience. Their use of flute reminded me of Jethro Tull. During the last song, people wearing giant alien heads came out and danced among the audience. Quoth Terry, “It was the giant heads that sold the premise.”

Magpu played a great set, and as much as I enjoyed Spoonfed, when the Pu started playing, I remembered exactly why I was there.

I don’t remember much about the Walter Mitty set, other than that it was long, reminded me quite a bit of Phish, and I think they teased “So Many Hats” at one point.